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A huge thank you to the Board of Directors, the Coaches, the Players, and all the Parent Volunteers who made 2016 a success.

2017 Registration begins in April! Stay tuned for more details.

A Reminder About “Playing Up”

As you know, ALL clubs within SYSL are implementing the new USSF Player Initiatives beginning with the 2016-2017 season. As such, beginning this season, registration shifts to birth year to determine age group.
To allow for a more measured transition, SYSL is allowing those players born in 2008 and earlier to play up a maximum of three birth years in order to remain with their current team. This policy will remain in effect for the 2016-2017 season only. After this season, we expect that players at the U9 level and older will continue to be allowed to play up two birth years.

Per SYSL, players born in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 may NOT play up in an older birth year/age group. There are no exceptions. All clubs within SYSL must follow this rule.

SYSL made this decision in order to begin the process of creating age pure teams at the younger age groups, which is one of the primary goals of the USSF Player Initiatives.

GHSC understands that kids like to play with their friends and classmates and we feel badly about teams being broken up. Even if your child’s team must split, we encourage you to continue playing. A new team is an opportunity to make new friends and chances are, they will be able to reunite with their old friends in the future.

Introducing U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer

A Partnership between Greenhaven Soccer, East Sacramento Soccer, Land Park Soccer and River Park Soccer.

GHSC is proud to announce a new program for our U7/8 players. U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer (MKS) will serve as a fun and positive step in our younger players’ development. After two years of playing solely within GHSC, our U7/8 players will have the opportunity to travel short distances to play against our friends in East Sacramento, Land Park and River Park. Keeping within the new USSF Mandates, games will be small sided (4v4), but MKS has added some additional aspects to the games to help further our player’s development and differentiate the experience from our U6 program.

Remember: small sided games mean more touches on the ball, more action and more fun!

Please see the MKS mission statement below and for more information please visit:http://greenhavensoccer.com/coaches/u7-u8-coaches/

U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer Mission Statement
Metro Kids Soccer (MKS) is a group of four clubs (East Sacramento Soccer, Greenhaven Soccer, Land Park Soccer and River Park Soccer) within SYSL bound together by shared values and regional proximity who have partnered to further our U7 and U8 players’ soccer and personal development in a fun, supportive and safe atmosphere. Our focus is squarely on our players’ enjoyment and development as opposed to team success. MKS believes that as the game of soccer is learned, so are many other valuable life lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment. All four of the clubs within this program will do everything within their power to insure that every player has a positive experience. Within MKS, kids truly come first.

USSF Player Development Initiatives:

What They Are and What They Mean for GHSC

As many of you are aware, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has issued player development initiatives designed to improve youth soccer. The main goal of the USSF initiatives is to provide a consistent landscape for youth soccer across the United States. The two major components of the mandates are a move to birth year registration for all age groups, and small sided games for younger players (U6-U12). USSF hopes to shift the focus of youth soccer from team success to player development. These ideas have been used in Europe with much success.

These initiatives are true mandates, and every soccer organization in the US is required to implement these changes by 2017. Our state organization (Cal North) decided to implement the birth year registration mandate this year. Our local league (SYSL) decided to implement all facets of the initiatives this season. The Greenhaven Soccer Club (GHSC), along with a few other clubs, expressed concern regarding the rapid implementation of the mandates and requested a more measured, transitional change. Despite our concerns, SYSL decided to proceed with full implementation for the upcoming season.

Please note that GHSC fully supports the theory behind these changes. There is no doubt that they will result in improved soccer development, as well as more enjoyment for the players. Smaller sided games means players touch the ball more frequently, are more engaged in the game and have more fun. We simply wanted a more measured, incremental implementation that is more conducive to the recreational soccer environment.

There are challenges associated with change, and this situation is no different. However, I am very confident that the GHSC community will continue to work together to provide our children with the best soccer experience possible.

Here are links to relevant documents:
For the full text of the USSF Player Development Initiatives, please click here.
For the Age Matrix and GHSC’s implementation plan, please click here.  

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