U6 Program

2018 SEASON INFORMATION: Online registration will begin in April 1. Stay tuned for more information.

Please proceed to the Registration Page for the link and instructions. Teams will be formed in mid July, and practices begin on August 1st. Your child’s coach will contact you in late July. U6 teams typically practice twice a week for about 45 minutes until school starts, then coaches cut back to one or no days a week. Games begin September 9th and are always on Saturdays; typically in the mornings. For additional information, please contact the U6 Age Group Coordinator at agc_u6@greenhavensoccer.com. Please put GHSC in the subject line or your message will not go through.

The Greenhaven Soccer Club has adopted the Small-Sided Games Format recommended by the US Youth Soccer Association for all Under 6 programs. You may view the entire US Soccer Small Sided Games Manual via a link at the bottom of this page. The small sided format is designed to increase the number of “touches” each player has with the ball, while promoting “fun”. That is accomplished by limiting the number of players on the field at a given time (The GHSC utilizes a 3 v. 3 format), and playing on a much smaller field with limited play stoppages. The action is designed to teach the basics of the sport in a non-competitive environment.

Since the U6 experience is most kids’ first encounter with the game of soccer, great pains are taken to keep the practice and game atmosphere fun for all. There are no goalies in our U6 program, and keeping score is discouraged. Coaches are encouraged to remember the developmental level of their players and adjust their coaching accordingly. The introduction of skills is secondary to teaching kids to be part of a team, fostering enjoyment of the game and establishing a fun atmosphere for everyone.

U6 teams usually have 11 – 14 players, and boys and girls play together on the same team. The kids are 4-5 years old; please see the Age Matrix to see if your child is eligible to play. The U6 Age Group Coordinator makes every attempt to create balanced teams in terms of age and experience.

Teams play three concurrent 3 v. 3 games on three small parallel fields. In other words, each team sends three players at a time to each of the three fields laid out next to each other to play against three players from the opposing team. Each game is divided into four eight minute quarters; with a two minute break in between the first and second, as well as the third and the fourth quarters, and a five minute “half-time” between the second and third quarters.

All games are played at Portuguese Park  located at 7350 Durfee Way.

For further information, please contact the U6 Age Group Coordinator at agc_U6@greenhavensoccer.com. Additional information may also be found on the U6 Coaches Page.

To view the entire US Soccer Small Sided Games Manual, please click here

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