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Welcome to the Greenhaven Soccer Club’s Coaching Page. Your one-stop-shop (free!) for all things coaching. Whether you are an experienced, veteran coach or a brand new first-timer, we think you will find something useful in the following pages. We discuss issues such as how to run a team meeting; how to run a practice (complete with sample practice plans for each age group); rules of the game, a soccer glossary and more!

The GHSC is always on the lookout for new coaches. Worried about lack of experience? Don’t be! All you need is time, organizational skills, a willingness to learn and a positive attitude! We will supply the rest; training, support and encouragement.

Being a coach is the most time-consuming, challenging job within the GHSC. However, it is also the most fun, rewarding and satisfying job! When you decide to coach, you give yourself the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of your payers. While teaching soccer skills, you are also teaching life lessons; such as how to work as part of a team, how to persevere in the face of adversity, leadership skills and most important how success is not defined by your win-loss record. Rather, success is measured in effort, personal progress and positive attitudes. You have a wonderful opportunity to build self-esteem amongst your players, regardless of their soccer ability.

As a coach, it is important to have a fun and friendly approach towards your players and parents. It is equally important to be organized and on-time for practices and games. Establish an atmosphere of respect around your team. Every member of the team is important and should be treated accordingly. Every player should play at least half of every game. At your initial team meeting, clearly outline your expectations and be sure to include comments on respectful communication to fellow team members, opponents, parents and referees. Remember; you are the team leader and the most effective leaders lead by example, not just words.

Although a coaching license is not mandatory at this time, the GHSC strongly encourages each coach to obtain at least an F License. Contact your AGC for information regarding upcoming classes. Many coaches also find obtaining referee certification to be helpful also.

The following links will lead you to other helpful hints; such as how to run a team meeting, sample practice plans, fun and useful games for use during practices, the rules for various age groups, and more. When planning practices, always keep in mind the developmental capabilities of the age group you are coaching. In other words, keep your expectations realistic. If you have any questions or concerns, contact  George Agajan at We also want your feedback. You know what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to share your thoughts with your fellow coaches. Please send comments or suggestions to Wayne or George at the above links.

Once you are established as a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach with a GHSC U6- U19 team, you must register with the CYSA (U16/19)using the registration system, or US Club (U6-U14) by notifying the GHSC Registrar. Please see instructions on the Coach Registration page.



For the template to the Roster Section of the U10-U19 game card (for use with Avery Labels #6878) please click here


Below is a link to a document titled “Suggestions for How to Run Your First Team Meeting”. It offers some basic guidelines, and includes a sample from George that he used when he coached the Panthers.

Suggestions for How to Run Your First Team Meeting

Below are links to sample practice plans for U8 and U10 Teams (U6 Teams, please refer to the U6 Coaches Page). Remember to be organized and have a plan. Most coaches pick one theme for the practice. In other words, they pick one skill or two to focus on and the practice is built around strengthening that concept. Practices should include a chalk talk, a demonstration, warm up and stretching, skill building games, small sided games, a scrimmage and a cool down. Please see the links below for samples based on age group.

U8 Practice Plan

U10 Practice Plan

Below are links to the MKS Rules and Regulations, as well as the MKS Playing Rules. The Playing Rules address the number of players on the field for each age group, etc. The GHSC recommends printing out a copy of these rules and keeping them with you at the games. In addition, coaches are encouraged to review some of the key rules with opposing coaches and referees before each game.

MKS U10-U14 Rules and Regulations
MKS U10-U14 Playing Rules

MKS and GHSC Policy on Lopsided Games

Given that the Greenhaven Soccer Club is a recreational soccer club, we believe that it is important to maintain good sportsmanship during games that turn out to be lopsided. Despite the MKS’s efforts at seeding teams fairly in appropriate divisions, there are always instances where one team is far superior to another. Despite the valuable life lessons inherent in losing, and losing gracefully, there is a difference between losing a close fought contest and being blown out by a far better team. In the latter types of losses, the hurt feelings tend to hinder the ability to absorb the life lessons involved in losing.

Please see the Policies and Operating Rules for the Sportsmanship Rule adopted in 2016 by MKS and GHSC. Click on the link below for strategies to keep the score down during a Lopsided Game, titled “Lopsided Games – Ways to Keep it Fun and Fair.

Lopsided Games: Ways to Keep it Fun and Fair

Glossary of Soccer Terms

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