Practice Schedule

Coaches – IMPORTANT! Please read the following information


  1. Refer to the Home Fields Assignment list for your team number.  Find your team number in the Schedule.
  2. U6  and U7/8 Teams are assigned to open grassy areas with no goals.  All other age groups are assigned to fields with goals when available.  Grassy areas can support multiple U6, U7, and U8 teams.  No team has any more right than another team to a specific location.
  3. Teams are assigned two days a week to practice, with an effort to provide, but no guarantee, of one day on your Home Field.
  4. Fields are scheduled for two Teams with each practicing on one-half the Field, each Team uses one Goal if available.
  5. Practices may be held anytime from 5 p.m. to Dusk each day; but School activities have priority of use at all times at Schools.
  6. Coaches wanting changes must work it out with other coaches, then contact Fields Coordinator for approval.  Contact the Fields Coordinator to request a change to any open day (non-assigned) on the schedule.  Game Schedule & Home Field assignments subject to change at any time by SYSL & GHSC.
  7. Players and parents must pick up any litter after each game and practice.  Coaches, players, & parents must be courteous of immediate neighborhoods & neighbors as loss of field use by your team will result (if caught speeding, blocking driveways, running over grass piles, using the fences or bushes as a restroom, etc.).
  8. Please leave your animals (especially dogs) at home. Any animal at practices or games is a safety issue.  GHSC does not condone bringing animals to soccer games and practices and will sanction your team with loss of field use or the game for incidents.
  9. Coaches must call, before practice & games during the rain. City Parks Dept. “status of use” number is 277-2336 to find out if the fields have been closed.  Parks Dept. will dictate whether games or practice can continue or not to prevent field damage & for player safety.  Use of City School fields will follow the same “status of use” determination as the Parks Dept.  Teams face loss of field use & financial assessments for field damages for playing on fields that have been closed by City Parks Dept.
  10. All nets/flags must be returned immediately after the last game of the day or any cancelled game. Do not leave nets/flags on the field if there are no other teams playing after your game; return them to the Net Storage Volunteer for that field.
  11. If there is an issue (like sprinklers on or an altercation) at any of the City Parks during your practices or games, call the City Operator at 311 to have a City Parks Maintenance or Enforcement Officer come out to the field to assist you.
  12. If there is an emergency at any of the Fields you can contact the Sacramento City Police Department at 732-0100 using a Cellular Phone.  If you call 911 on your Cellular Phone it will only put you through to the Sacramento Highway patrol, which has no jurisdiction at the Parks or Schools.  Non-emergency Police number is 264-5471.
  13. GHSC provides portable bathrooms at nearly all field locations.  Coaches will be given the lock combination. Please make sure to re-lock to bathroom at the end of practice. School restrooms are not available or open for use.  Advise parents & players to plan accordingly for practices & games.   Do not allow anyone to use fences, bushes, school buildings or hallways as a restroom.  Loss of field use by your team will result if school personnel or neighbors report incidents.
  14. Contact Fields Coordinator for field issues: large holes, broken sprinklers, flooded areas, long grass, dry grass, field line markings are not visible, goals in need of repair, dangerous conditions, etc.

Always check your soccer field before practice and cone off areas that may be a safety issue.  Report any safety issue to the Fields Coordinator.

The 2017 Practice Schedule

The 2017 Home Fields

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