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U6 Coaching Information

Interested in becoming a U6 coach? The GHSC is always on the lookout for new coaches. Worried about lack of experience? Don’t be! All you need is time, organizational skills, a willingness to learn and a positive attitude! Due to the developmental level of the payers, U6 coaches need enthusiasm and patience much more than they need soccer experience. You bring the energy and we will supply the training!

If you are interested in becoming a U6 coach, please contact Anna Williamson at agc_u6@greenhavensoccer.com. Please remember to put GHSC in the subject line.

Since the U6 experience is most kids’ first encounter with the game of soccer, great pains are taken to keep the practice and game atmosphere fun for all. There are no goalies in our U6 program, and keeping score is discouraged. Coaches are encouraged to remember the developmental level of their players and adjust their coaching accordingly. The introduction of skills is secondary to teaching kids to be part of a team, fostering enjoyment of the game and establishing a fun atmosphere for everyone.

The Greenhaven Soccer Club has adopted the Small-Sided Games Format recommended by the U.S. Youth Soccer Association for all Under 6 programs. You may view the entire U.S. Soccer Small Sided Games Manual via a link at the bottom of this paragraph. The small sided format is designed to increase the number of “touches” each player has with the ball, while promoting “fun”. That is accomplished by limiting the number of players on the field at a given time (The GHSC utilizes a 3 v. 3 format), and playing on a much smaller field with limited play stoppages. The action is designed to teach the basics of the sport in a non-competitive environment. For a more complete overview of our U6 Program, please see our U6 Program page.

To view the entire US Soccer Small Sided Games Manual, please click here.

Other Useful U6 Coaching Documents

 2017 Second Half Schedule: Click Here

For a list of the U6 Rules, please click here.

Below is a link to a document titled “Suggestions for How to Run Your First Team Meeting.” It offers some basic guidelines, and includes a sample from George Agajan that he used when he coached the Panthers.

Suggestions for How to Run Your First Team Meeting

Below is a sample practice plan for a U6 team. Remember to be organized and have a plan. Most coaches pick a theme for one practice. In other words, they pick one or two skills to focus on and that practice is built around strengthening that concept. Practices should include a chalk talk, a demonstration, a warm up and stretching, skill building games, small sided games, a scrimmage and a cool down.

U6 Sample Practice Plan

All games are played at Portuguese Park, located at 7350 Durfee Way. To view the Field Diagram, please click here.

To view and print the U6 Game Card, please click here.

If you have any other questions, please contact Anna Williamson, the U6 Age Group Coordinator. Anna can be reached here: agc_u6@greenhavensoccer.com.   Please remember to put GHSC in the subject line or your email will not go through.



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