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Introducing U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer!

A Partnership Between Greenhaven, Land Park, East Sacramento and River Park

The new USSF Player Initiatives mandate that players in the U7 and U8 age groups play 4v4 on a small field with Bownets. No goalies are used, and no score is kept. This style of play places emphasis on maximizing touches, creativity and individual development. The focus shifts away from team success and towards player development.

Small sided games for younger players have long been the standard in Europe, and there is no doubt that the implementation of them here in the US will enhance the development of youth soccer, as well as player’s enjoyment of the game. More touches equals more action and fun!

In order to give our U7 and U8 players a sense of linear progression, GHSC is proud to partner with Land Park Soccer, East Sacramento Soccer and River Park Soccer to offer inter club play. We have decided to call this partnership U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer (MKS). After two years of playing U6 solely within GHSC against other GHSC teams, our U7s and U8s will have the opportunity to travel short distances to play against other clubs. The focus of MKS is to further our players’ soccer development in a fun, positive, supportive atmosphere. All four of the clubs within this partnership are committed to sportsmanship, and will do everything within their power to insure that every player in the program has a positive experience.

Although we are still members of SYSL, U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer will be administered by the presidents of the four partner clubs. All scheduling will be done within the partnership and all information pertaining to MKS will be available on this website: http://metrokidssoccer.com

Teams are single gender (no coeducational play), and rosters will be capped at 15 players. U7 teams will play other U7 team; U8 teams will play other U8 teams. On game day, each team will be divided into two teams consisting of 4 players plus substitutes for each game. The two teams will play 4v4 games simultaneously on two parallel fields measuring approximately 30×40 yards.

Games will be 32 minutes in length; divided into four 8 minute quarters. There will be a 5 minute break between quarters. At quarter breaks, coaches may shuffle players within fields to avoid lopsided match ups.

For the 2016 Second Half Schedule Visit this Site: http://www.teamsideline.com/metrokidssoccer

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