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How do I register my child to play recreational soccer for GHSC?

For the 2017 Season, GHSC is continuing with on-line registration. Registration will begin on March 20 and continue to May 15th.  Please note that GHSC is no longer offering registration via the US Mail.


How do I know my child’s age group?

Please refer to the age matrix to determine the proper age group for your child.

Can my child “play-up” in an older age group?

New for the 2017 season and beyond: All U8 players (birth year of 2010) may play up one age group. All U7 players ( birth year of 2011) are strongly discouraged from playin gup one age group, but requests will be taken on a case by case basis. U6 players (birth years of 2012 and 2013) may NOT play up in an older age group. All other birth years may play up two birth years.

Can my child “play down” in a younger age group?

No. Our state governing body, the California Youth Soccer Association – North or US Club Soccer, does not allow a child to play below his or her age group due to small stature or lack of experience. On very rare occasions, an approval for a child “playing down” can be granted due to rare medical conditions upon showing of proper documentation and via vote of the league’s board of managers.

When does registration begin?

On-line registration for the 2017 season begins March 20th.


How much does it cost?

The cost varies by age group. 2016 Registration Fees are as follows:

U6: $75.00
U7 – U10: $120.00 (does not include referee fees)
U11 – U19: $145.00 (includes referee fees)

Please note that the above prices are in effect from March 20th through May 15th.

Registrations on or after May 16th are considered late and are subject to a surcharge of $30.00 per child.

Are there discounts for having multiple children playing in the club?

Sorry, no.

What happens if I do not properly complete the registration process?

If your registration is not completed correctly, the registrar will contact you informing you what you need to do in order for your registration to be completed. Your child will not be considered registered until you correctly finish the process and submit payment that has cleared the bank.

When does registration close?

The final date to register your child for the 2016 season will be May 15th. Registrations after that date will not be accepted. The only exception will be if we are in need of players of a certain age to fill out a team. Those situations will be posted on the website.

Why do you need my child’s photo ?

The photo you submit is used to create a Player Pass for players in U10 through U19. Our state governing body, the California Youth Soccer Association, requires that every player (except for those in U6 and U8) have a player pass in order to play. The player pass verifies that the player is actually registered with the GHSC and the CYSA. The head coach typically keeps the player passes and must present them to the referee before each game. Any player without a pass will not be allowed to play in the game.

Where do I send my CYSA Forms?

All registration is now on line.

What is the GHSC Volunteer Policy and why do I have to pay additional volunteer fees?

Please see the Volunteer Policy and Information Page.

Do I need to write separate checks for the volunteer fees and the registration fees?

No. You may include all of the fees (the total amount) on one check (which will be converted to an e-check) or on your credit card.


What if my child changes their mind and doesn’t want to play anymore? Can I get a refund?

Please e-mail the registrar if you wish to withdraw your child’s registration. Refunds are available, but the amount of the refund depends upon the date you withdraw from the club. Please note that the date you withdraw is considered to be the date you e-mail the registrar. Refunds are issued as follows:

*Before August 1st: Full refund of all registration and volunteer fees.
*August 2nd – August 17th: Partial refund consisting of half the amount of your registration fees
and the full amount of your volunteer fees.
*On or after August 18th: No refund of registration fees or volunteer fees.

My child wants to stay with the same coach, can they?

Players who wish to stay with the same coach and/or team may do so as long as their registration is submitted correctly and on time. Please note: beginning in 2016 with the new birth year registration mandates, coaches may decide to remain with players who are born in the same year  on their team. Players who are older than those players may not play down or remain with that coach.

My child wants to play on the same team as their friends – can they?

There is a place on the registration form for special requests. While the GHSC cannot guarantee that the request will be granted, every effort will be made to accommodate the request, as long as the registration paperwork was submitted correctly and on time. In addition, all coaches of a particular age group must agree to the special request.

I do not know who my child’s coach is – when will I be notified?

The GHSC holds a player draft in late June. All of the coaches in a particular age group meet and choose players for their respective teams. Once the teams are formed, each coach is required to contact the families on their team and inform them that they are their coach. If you have not heard from a coach by July 1st, please contact the appropriate Age Group Coordinators. E-mail addresses for all of the Age Group Coordinators can be found on the board page. Remember to put GHSC in the subject line or the email will not go through.

When do practices start?

Practices may begin on August 1st.

When does the season begin?

The 2017 season will begin on September 9th.

What about uniforms and other equipment?

GHSC provides all U6 players with a T-shirt. Parents are required to provide shorts, socks and shin guards. For ages U8 though U19, GHSC loans each player a uniform including a jersey, shorts and socks. Parents are required to provide shin guards and shoes.

What size ball does my child need?

It is helpful, but not necessary that each child has their own ball to bring to practice. Sizes are as follows:
U6 – U8: Size 3
U10 – U12: Size 4
U14 – U19: Size 5

What is Metro/Select Soccer?

Metro /Select Soccer is a level of soccer between recreational and competitive. It offers an environment for dedicated and skilled players to develop and play. The main difference between recreational and Metro/Select Soccer is the level of skill and commitment required. All Metro or Select players must try out for a team, and selection is not guaranteed. The Metro/Select season occurs at the same time as the recreational season. There are 10 games, but most teams play almost twice that many by participating in tournaments. Travel is often a big part of Metro or Select Soccer. Games and tournaments can be quite a distance away. Another difference is the level of coaching and training offered. Metro/Select coaches will have the opportunity to have nationally licensed trainers come out to their practices and train their teams. The SSA is affiliated with many professional soccer trainers. Metro/Select coaches all have at least a USSF ‘E’ license, with the Assistant coaches having at least the USSF ‘F’ license. The SSA highly encourages its coaches to obtain higher USSF and/or NSCAA licenses. The SSA coaches also receive in-house training from the Alliance’s Head Trainer. For more information, please visit the Sacramento Soccer Alliance web site.

I am interested in becoming a coach – what should I do?

That is great! We are always on the lookout for dedicated people who are willing to volunteer their time to teach our children this wonderful game! Please contact George Agajan at specialprojects@greenhavensoccer.com. Please remember to put GHSC in the subject line.

I am interested in becoming a referee – what should I do?

Please contact David Simmons at 209-744-0402 referee@greenhavensoccer.com. Please remember to put GHSC in the subject line. Please click here to learn more.

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