Registration FAQs

How do I register my child to play recreational soccer for GHSC?

For the 2018 Season, GHSC is continuing on-line registration. Registration will begin on April 1 and continue to May 15th. Please proceed to our Registration Information page for detailed instructions and the link to the on-line registration site.

If you do not wish to pay via credit card, you may pay by check during the online process. The system will process it with an e-check. We are no longer accepting payment via US Mail.

How do I know my child’s age group?

Please refer to the age matrix to determine the proper age group for your child.

Can my child “play-up” in an older age group?

For the 2018 season, U8 players, birth year 2010, may play up two birth years or one age group. U7 players, birth year 2011, are strongly discouraged from playing up. However, they may petition for permission. U6 players, birth years 2012 and 2013 may NOT play up under any circumstances. All other age groups may play up two birth years or one age group.

Can my child “play down” in a younger age group?

No. Our state governing body, the California Youth Soccer Association – North or US Club Soccer, does not allow a child to play below his or her age group due to small stature or lack of experience. On very rare occasions, an approval for a child “playing down” can be granted due to rare medical conditions upon showing of proper documentation and via vote of the league’s board of managers.

When does registration begin?

On-line registration for the 2018 season will begin April 1 and continue through May 15th.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies by age group.

U6: $75.00
U7 – U10: $120.00 (includes referee fees)
U11 – U19: $145.00 (includes referee fees)

Please note that the above prices are in effect from April 1 through May 15th.

Registrations on or after May 16th are considered late and are subject to a surcharge of $30.00 per child. 

Are there discounts for having multiple children playing in the club?

Sorry, no.

What happens if I do not properly complete the registration process?

If your registration is not completed correctly, the registrar will contact you informing you what you need to do in order for your registration to be completed. Your child will not be considered registered until you correctly finish the process and submit payment that has cleared the bank.

When does registration close?

The final date to register your child for the 2018 season will be May 15th. Registrations entered after that date will be returned. The only exception will be if we are in need of players of a certain age to fill out a team. Those situations will be posted on the website.

Why do you need my child’s photo ?

The photo you submit is used to create a Player Pass for players in U10 through U19. Our state governing body,  requires that every player (except for those in U6 and U8) have a player pass in order to play. The player pass verifies that the player is actually registered with the GHSC. The head coach typically keeps the player passes and must present them to the referee before each game. Any player without a pass will not be allowed to play in the game. Please upload a “head shot” of your child, and make sure the face is clearly visible. No hats or sunglasses please. School photos work the best.

Where do I send my check if I do not want to  pay via credit card?

You do not mail a check. If you wish to pay via check, you may do so during the on line process. It will be converted to an echeck.

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