The City Parks Department and GHSC continues to be vigilant in regards to use of irrigation even though there was a wet winter.  GHSC continues to contract with a landscape contractor to monitor the irrigation on all of our soccer fields from May through November.  The monitoring includes repairs when needed and to make sure that the irrigation clocks are working so that our fields do get watered and are playable.  The GHSC continues to contract for the mowing, striping, and rodent abatement.

School District Facilities are more challenging. GHSC has offered resources in the past, but the school district with their union requirements, have been unwilling to let us use outside contractors. The club continues to rely on the school district with very little results, whether it’s rodent abatement or maintenance of fields. In addition, Sacramento Unified School District (SCUSD) requires the club to provide restrooms in the way of portables or paying school district custodial staff. Not all schools agreed to placing portables on their property. Paying school district custodial staff is expensive. So we only keep the schools in rotation that were abutting city parks where portable restrooms can be placed.  Due to the deterioration of school fields at Lisbon Elementary and Pony Express, GHSC has abandoned play there.


SCHOOL FIELD LOCATIONS:  Please check Practice schedule for field locations


PARK FIELD LOCATIONS: Please check Practice schedule for field locations



For all field locations, players, parents and coaches must be respectful of the immediate neighbors.  Please make sure that all trash is picked up after each game and practice.  Loss of field will result if the Field Committee becomes aware of any problems (speeding through the neighborhoods, blocking driveways, running over grass piles, using the fences, or bushes, as restrooms, etc.).  Also, please do not allow players to climb on goal posts.


During rainy weather, please check the City of Sacramento Fields Hot Line at 916-277-2336; enter 2. The phone lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, you can check the City’s website. You can also go to the Sacramento Parks and Recreation Facebook page at (The Park Status should be in the middle under “Posts”).

If the hotline or the website states that the fields are closed, all practices and/or GHSC home games are to be cancelled. This applies to all park and school fields.

For away games, head coaches are responsible for contacting the opposing coach or club to see if the game is cancelled or not.


Please do not park in school parking lots until after 6:00pm.  School events may cause parking lots (where available) to become a challenge on practice and/or game days. Please plan accordingly. School restrooms are not available for use even if they are still open for the 4th R after school classes. Adjoining parks will have portables. Please use those.

Martin Luther King Elementary (MLK)Practices will not start earlier than 6:00pm.  The MLK and adjoining Renfree Park Soccer Fields will be used by 8-12 teams every day during the week except Fridays.  There will be significant traffic.  Please plan accordingly, and do not park in driveways or block driveways when dropping players off.  Parking in the cul-de sacs will be limited.


If there are any issues during your practices and games at any City Park (sprinklers on, altercations), please call the Park Safety Ranger Team at 311 or 916-825-3595.  If there is an emergency at any of the Fields you can contact the Sacramento City Police Department at 916-732-0100 using a Cellular Phone.  If you call 911 on your Cellular Phone it will only put you through to the Sacramento Highway patrol, which has no jurisdiction at the Parks or Schools.  Non-emergency Police number is 916-264-5471.

Renfree Park Soccer Fields – The Renfree Park Soccer fields (and MLK) will be used by 8-12 teams every day during the week except Fridays.  There will be significant traffic.  Please plan accordingly, and do not park in driveways or block driveways when dropping players off.  Parking in the cul-de sacs will be limited.


Restroom portables are available at Zacharias Park, Renfree Park, Parkway Oaks.  Martin Luther King Elementary is served by the portables at Renfree Park. The lock combination is 123. The last team to leave the field needs to lock the portable.  If you are unsure if you are the last team, whether it be practice or games, lock it anyways.

During the season, coaches and parents can help the Field Committee by taking the time before every practice to walk the field and note unsafe areas such as major divots and holes, and contact the Fields Committee to report unsafe conditions. Every effort will be made to respond in a timely fashion. Contact the Fields Committee at:

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