Volunteer Policy & Information

Together with registration fees, families are asked to pay a $50 volunteer fee. Only one fee is required per family, regardless of the number of children participating. Families may choose either to volunteer and receive their $50 back, or donate their fee to the club.

Volunteer Option: The entire $50 volunteer fee can be earned back by completing an approved volunteer job. Examples of jobs include coaching, working at picture day, working at lamination night, etc. Please see the Volunteer Job Descriptions to see the complete list of approved jobs. Working only one shift of one event will earn a family their entire refund. Shifts are typically 2-3 hours in length.

The Greenhaven Soccer Club is a non-profit organization which depends upon volunteers to function successfully. Thanks to those who give generously of their time, the GHSC has become one of the largest, and arguably, most successful youth sports clubs in our area.

IMPORTANT: Only three refunds are possible per team for team personnel. For example, the head coach, assistant coach and team parent all qualify for the $50.00 rebate. The head coach of each team will report to their Age Group Coordinator the names of the three people on his or her team that have earned the rebate. For the older age groups who may not have a team parent, the head coach can designate another deserving person to earn the third rebate, such as a second assistant coach. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE THREE REBATES PER TEAM FOR TEAM PERSONNEL POLICY.

Those parents who signed up for a volunteer job other than coaching or team parenting will be contacted via e-mail by the Volunteer Coordinator as the date of each volunteer opportunity approaches. Please note that the Volunteer Coordinator will make only TWO attempts to contact families for various volunteer tasks. If the family does not respond to the Volunteer Coordinator’s attempts to contact you within the time requested, or fails to show up at an event without notice, the entire $50.00 fee will be considered a donation to GHSC.

Donation Option:  Those families that prefer to donate in lieu of service will be required to submit a $50.00 donation which will be used for field maintenance. There is only one donation required per family, even if you have more than one child participating in the club. This donation will be in lieu of making a volunteer service commitment, and the family will not be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Donations are also a necessary part of GHSC’s ability to function. All volunteer donations to go towards the fields budget for permits and maintenance. GHSC maintains the fields because of budget cuts at the city and school district levels. Permits and maintenance represent a significant portion of the GHSC budget.

PLEASE NOTE: While there are over 500 families registered in GHSC, there are not 500 volunteer opportunities. Most families choose the donation option and are not contacted for opportunities to earn their refund. If a family makes a good faith attempt to volunteer (e.g. contacting the volunteer coordinator and being turned away because of lack of opportunity), we will refund the fee.

Refunds will be mailed to all participants by the end of the calendar year, with the exception of those who work the equipment returns in December and January. Those people will receive their refund within a month of the completion of their commitment. IMPORTANT: Refunds are generated electronically and a check will arrive at your designated address within 7 – 10 business days. The check arrives in a white envelope with “Payment Processing Center, P.O. Box 1029, Hickory , NC” in the return address area. “Greenhaven Soccer” does not appear anywhere on the envelope and as such, the envelope is often mistaken for junk mail and discarded. If you are expecting your refund, please be on the look out for this envelope.





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